The trademark is a very important component of the strategy of sale and launch of an activity, since it’s the element through which the company is identified and remembered by the big public. There are a lot of examples of this kind: think about “Coca-Cola” or “Ferrari” and see what they represent in the world and how much they are worth. The CELSUS Studio starts working from first indications given by the customer, then, on these bases, formulates a series of names submitted to his approval.

Once the word or sentence to be adopted as brand has been found, we proceed with a prior research, through specialised data bases, in order to verify that word is really new. If the research doesn’t supply anything similar, we proceed with the graphic realization of the trademark by means of professional programs whose electronic format is compatible with any printing firms. The advantage of this working system is to offer customer a “strong” trademark, as particularly original and new.

A strong trademark will avoid troubles occurring to firms that take a common name without carrying out any control, which are obliged to change name of company rapidly, for the claims laid by other previous users of the same name. Another advantage is that, so doing, the client doesn’t waste money for bureaucratic papers, headed letter-paper, business cards, and, in addition, has the certainty of getting an exclusive trademark, which may be exploited commercially, licensed, or franchised.

Obviously, if the client has already chosen a name, our service will act just to the graphic of the brand, with a consequent saving on the final cost. As a matter of fact, a trademark not only develops immediately the image of the object, but it tends also to increase its value in the course of time, as it is advertised and used.

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