The CELSUS Studio makes use of all the technologies nowadays available on the market, both hardware and software technologies, in order to help individuals or firms that require it for realizing magazines, newsletters, books, leaflets, CD-ROMs, Web sites, digital films, etc. In fact, today, it’s normal practice to present oneself to others like publishing house, printing firms, companies, ministries – for the filing of an unpublished work in order to take out its copyright – with: CD – Rom, Web sites, books, films, etc.

On the contrary, it’s not so easy to find graphic offices that realize in a professional way and at absolutely competitive prices such technologic supports. As a matter of fact, CELSUS Studio, which is among the first in Italy dealing with problems related to copyright, is capable of realizing at best digital or paper supports, in line with the existing laws in matter, successively used by customers in order to take out the copyright.

The copyright act allows varied authors to protect their creative works, particularly books, songs, screenplays, drawings, films, and, thanks to international conventions, the protection is extended also abroad. Even software and Web pages can be object of copyright.

If you need further information, or an estimate of the costs, contact us by E-Mail:, Phone/Fax: (0039) 0587 734105, or just make an appointment and meet us in our office in order to put your problem. The first consultation is always free!