Thanks to a staff of technicians and skill tradesmen who work in different sectors, the CELSUS Studio can realize prototypes of any kind, so as to allow the inventor to be able to present concretely his inventions to interested firms. Having a WORKING PROTOTYPES, often means to overcome the scepticism of the other party and succeed in the Negotiation for the Sale of a Patent.

Normally, prototypes are realized at handmade level, so that the finished product results well done and functional, but without recourse to stamps or difficult manufactures, which would increase substantially the labour cost, and are used only if the client explicitly require them. When prototypes are particularly expensive to realize (think to revisions to cars, power stations, or others) we can provide for the VIRTUAL PROTOTYPES, consisting of a computer realization of drawings, ALSO MOVING, involving the realization of films, photos or floppy disks, through which it?s possible to present the invention to firms or publish it in magazines.

The CELSUS Studio offers even a valid support for everyone has good ideas but doesn’t know how to develop them technically: it carries out the engineerization of an idea. Practically, starting from the idea supplied by the inventor, a specific technical design is realized, equipped with Drawing tables, calculations, descriptions, all permitting the customer to be able to start immediately the production.

If you need further information, or an estimate of the costs, contact us by E-Mail:, Phone/Fax: (0039) 0587 734105, or just make an appointment and meet us in our office in order to put your problem. The first consultation is always free!