The CELSUS Studio realizes personalized design and graphic works of different kind. Thanks to the collaboration with artists, and technicians, it’s capable of creating any kind of design, from interior decoration and furniture, to the realization of artistic objects studied for specific rooms, the preparation of exhibitions, fairs, etc. Generally, works are carried out after an inspection on the place where we must operate, then supplying different general solutions among which customer could choose.

This service has the advantage of making use of a staff of sculptors, painters and designers, capable of creating for the client not only a simple architectural work, but even some exclusive pieces, signed by the author and set to increase their value in the future. In addition to these works, Studio Celsus is specialised in the realization of computer graphics which ranges from the simple realization of new trademarks, headed letter-paper, signs, plates or others, up to the realization of three-dimensional moving images on the computer.

Our service is characterised by a great originality of the solutions, always very different from “vogue” solutions, or from the ones normally adopted. It’s indeed the originality of the solution that diversifies the product. This does not mean that it’s not possible to realize, on request, more classic and less impact works, smart and sober at once. N.B. Click here in order to have a look at some works of ours.

If you need further information, or an estimate of the costs, contact us by E-Mail:, Phone/Fax: (0039) 0587 734105, or just make an appointment and meet us in our office in order to put your problem. The first consultation is always free!